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Vinnitsa Hotel Versailles

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21012 2 Tyvrovskaya str Vinnitsa

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Vinnitsa Hotel Feride

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23a Pirogova str, Vinnitsa Ukraine

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Vinnitsa Hotel Status

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Kievskaya str. 39, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

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Vinnitsa Hotel Dobrodyi

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Medvedeva str. 7 – a, Vinnitsa, Ukraine

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I would like to tell you about my native city - Vinnitsa. Vinnitsa is one of the biggest cities in Ukraine. It is situated not far from the capital of Ukraine,Kiev.


There are many romantic and beautiful places. We even have a square for lovers called Paris. It is a very lovely and romantic place. Some young and talantive musicians like to play their music on weekends there.


Vinnitsa is situated on the river- South Buh. This river cut our city on two parts. Also, we have a little island. It is almost in the centre of our city. So, you can find here all kinds of water entertainment: sailing, laying on the beach, swimming, sunbathing.


If you like arts you can visit our local museum. There are many interesting exhibitions. Also, you can enjoy Ukrainian folk performance in our opera and drama theatre. Also, you will find here good luxurious restaurants with different cuisine: Chinese, French, Ukrainian, Italian whatever you like .


Vinnitsa is historical and military city as the main military headquarters is situated here. It is also known because of Hitler’s headquarters. People afraid to dig deeply here as underground he could hide some bombs.


Also,here is situated one of the most famous in Europe, Medical University named after Pirogov . He was the first surgeon who made an operation on heart without anaesthesia. Then he invented anaesthesia. People from all over the world study in this Medical University as good specialists work here and education is cheaper then in other countries. Then they stay to live here.


Also, we have Pirogov's Museum-Homestead. It is a very lovely place and famous for its green beautiful alleys and picturesque views. Pirogov lived and worked there his last twenty years.
My city is modern and colourful. You have to visit it someday!